1. General glossary

1. hurdler (n.) – бегач
2. bounce (v.) – изскачам, отскачам
3. claim (v.) – претендирам, поисквам
4. limp out (v.) - накуцвам 
5. injury (n.) – нараняване, травма
6. teammate (n.) – съотборник, работник от същата бригада
7. championship (n.) – шампионат, шампионска титла
8. vault (n.) – прескок, прескачане, свод, трезор
9. pole vault (n.) – овчарски скок
10. springboard (n.) – трамплин
11. long jump (n.) – дълъг скок
12. wrestling (n.) – борба
13. discus (n.) – диск
14. heptathlon (n.) – седмобой
15. judoka (n.) – джудист

2. Sporting equipment

Paddles (гребло, лопатки)
Puck (шайба, дух пакостник)
Helmet (каска, шлем)
Skipping rope (въже за скачане)
Hockey stick (стик за хокей)
Pull buoys (буй)
Ski sticks/hiking poles (ски щеки)
Baseball bat (бейзболна бухалка)
Shuttlecock (перце)
Mallet (пръчка за поло, дървен чук)
Badminton racket (ракета за бадминтон)
Baseball glove (бейзболна ръкавица)
Goggles (спортни очила)
Fins (плавници)
Hockey mask (хокеен шлем)
Dumbbells (гири)
Cleats (бутонки)
Knee pads (наколенници)
Wrist wraps (ластик за китката)

3. Track, Field events and others

Track events
Field events
Triple jump (троен скок)
Shot put (тласкане на гюле)
High jump (висок скок)
Auto racing (автомобилно състезание)
Martial arts (бойни изкуства)
Archery (стрелба с лък)
Cycling (колоездене)
Fencing (фехтовка)
Sailing (ветроходство)
Snowboarding (сноуборд)
Squash (скуош)
Weightlifting (вдигане на тежести)
Equestrianism (конен спорт)
Javelin throw (хвърляне на копие)
Snooker (снукър)
Long distance running (бягане на дълги разстояния)
Hammer throw (хвърляне на чук)

Race walk (бързо бягане)

4. Sporting venues (спортни места)

1. tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton courtбаскетболно игрище

2. golf courseголф игрище

3. boxing ringбоксов ринг

4. hockey, figure-skating, curling rinkхокейна пързалка

5. football, cricket, rugby pitchфутболно игрище

6. motor-racing circuitмоторна миста

7. gymnastics gymгимнастически салон

8. bowling laneбоулинг пътека

5. Track and field used as verbs

Field: questions, a team, an army, a call, a compliment, a request, complaints, accusations, the cavalry, troops

Track: game, climate changes, shipments, someone’s performance, mud on the carpet, participation, someone’s movements, progress, capital, sand into the house

6. Popular sport collocations

1. Head to head contest, competition, finish, rivalry, match, confrontation, race – оспорвано състезание

2. top-class golfer, team, competitor, sports stars, athlete, bowler – първокласен отбор

3. four-time Olympic medallist, world champion – четирикратен ...

4. runner-up finish, spot, trophy – втори финиширал, второ място

7. Three sports word groups

Swimming (плуване)
Gymnastics (гимнастика)
Boxing (бокс)
Short course (кратко разстояние)
Pommel horse (кон с гривни)
Freestyleсвободен стил
Long course (дълго разстояние)
Balance beam - греда
Uppercut - апъркат
Breaststroke (брус)
Somersault - салто
Punch (удар)

Parallel bars (успоредка)
Referee (съдия)

Springboard (трамплин)
Jab (внезапен удар)

Backstroke (плуване по гръб)
Knockdown (съкрушителен удар)

Clinch (клинч)

Round (рунд)

Knockout (нокаут)

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8. Completing the text using the following words

Roger Federer heads into Tuesday’s eagerly-anticipated showdown (сблъсък, конфронтация) with Andy Murray at the O2 Arena looking to rediscover (преоткривам) his winning touch (победен удар) against the British number one.
With both men having won their opening matches at the ATP World Tour Finals in a convincing fashion, the winner could have sealed (подпечатан) a place in Saturday’s semi-finals come this evening.

While it is a rarity (рядкост, изключителност) for any player to head into a match with Federer as favourite, Murray has every reason to fancy his chances (шансове) against the Swiss star.

The Scot leads their career head-to-head (рамо до рамо) 8-5 and has won his last two outings (разходка) against the world number two in Masters finals in Toronto and Shanghai.

However, it is Federer who retains the edge (ръб, връх) in their biggest encounters (сблъсъци) having emerged triumphant (триумфиращ) when they locked horns (рога) in the finals of the US and Australian Opens as well as their round-robin match at the O2 last year.

Looking ahead to their latest clash (сблъсък), Federer said: “”The top guys – I’m talking about Murray, Djokovic, and Rafa – we’ve kind of beaten each other on and off. I don’t think anybody’s beaten the other guy five in a row (пет поредни пъти) or something”.

9. Completing the sentences using the following nouns

1. Dimitar Berbatov’s five-goal burst enabled Manchester United to claim the provisional Premier League lead with a 7-1demolition (унищожаване, събаряне) of Blackburn yesterday.  

2. Arsenal climbed up to second position after withstanding a second-half Villa fightback to end a two-match losing streak (губеща серия) in all competitions.

3. With key players returning, can Bayern Munich win an important clash (двубой) near the top of the table.

4. Wayne Rooney scored the winner (победен гол, точка) from the penalty spot in his first start for over a month.                                                                         

5. Defending champions Inter aren’t fancied by many to defend their title but, as things stand, they’re still in contention (твърдение, претенция, първенство) to do so after also booking their place in the next round.

6. Mellouli won Tunisia’s first swimming gold, denying Australia’s Grant Hackett’s bid (опит, покана, предложение) for a third consecutive title in the 1500 meter freestyle.

7. Cesena won two of their first three fixture (дата на спортно състезание, отдавнашен заселник, арматура) this season.

8. Middlesbrough has little chance of survival after it threw away a lead (преднина) and was held to a 1-1 draw (издръпване) at home by Aston Villa.

9. The game really got a little tight (стегнат). I was hoping we wouldn’t go into overtime (извънредни часове).

10. The senior center midfielder scored three goals and two assist (подпомагания) while leading the Cardinals to victory.

11. The assistant referee raised his flag to indicate to the referee that one of the forward players was in an offside (засада) position.

10. Completing the sentences using the following verbs. Make sure they are in the correct form

1. Five games, five defeats in which England have scored two goals and conceded (допускам, признавам, приемам) twenty-three.

2. Hoffenheim demolished (унищожавам, излапвам) Frankfurt in front of home crowd 4-0.

3. The team is contending (претендира) for its eighth national title in a row.

4. Caen have kept (опазвам, държа) just one clean sheet in their last eight games.

5. One of the defenders tackled (захващам се, счепквам се, опитвам се да спра топката) David and kicked the ball out of play.

6. Basically, we got overpowered (надвивам, подчинявам)  by a very good team.

7. Only two minutes later Dortmund turned the match through Freiburg defender Mensur Mujdza who netted (пращам топка ва мрежата, хващам с мрежа) the winner for Dortmund by an own goal.

8. Schalke utilized (използва, оползотвори) the first opportunity at the 22nd minute to open the scoring through defender Christoph Metzelder who headed (отбелязвам с глава, озаглавен) home a corner kick.

9. Great Britain then tried several combination changes which narrowed (стеснявам, намалявам) the lead to only5 points at 27-22 with 4 minutes left.

10. Raul extended (разширил, увеличил) the lead to 3-0 thanks to an assist by Bremen defender Per Mertesacker.

11. At the 85th minute Bremen ensured the last highlight when midfielder Philipp Bargfrede booked (получил) his second yellow card.               

12. Hanover seemed unimpressed and equalized (изравни) the score only five minutes later through defender Chrisital Schiltz with a terrific overhead kick.

13. Just when it looks as though Dallas is going to tie (изравнявам резултата) the game and force an overtime, Lite Sheppard picks off a pass and score (отбелязвам).

14. To take the first-place trophy and a prize purse of $3000, a car must outclass (превъзхождам, лесно побеждавам) more than 100 rivals in a three-day program of punishing challenges.

15. Nick’s blond hair was cut military short, and he sported (нося за показ) a series of strange tattoos and piercings.

11. Studying the following words and use them to complete the sentences below

The act of competing, as for profit or a prize; rivalry; a test of skill or ability; a contest; a series of games, sports events, etc.
A formal game or match in which two or more people, teams, etc., compete and attempt to win; a competition, especially one in which entrants perform separately and are rated by judges
A competition or series of competitions held to determine a champion
A striving to win in competition; rivalry
A contest or an item in a sports program
Round robin
A tournament in which each contestant is matched in turn against every other contestant
A sports meeting
A competition involving two people, teams, etc.; a direct confrontation or conflict at close quarters;
A final game or series of games played to break a tie; a series of games played to determine a championship;
Trial (often plural)
A preliminary competition or test to determine qualifications
A preliminary contest held to determine finalists
A sporting competition in which contestants play a series of games to determine an overall winner
A competition of speed, as in running or riding
A competitive activity or sport in which players contend with each other according to a set of rules, the result being determined by skill, strength, or chance; a single period of play in such a contest, sport, etc.
A contest or fight (especially between boxers or wrestlers)

1. They won not only the state Championship but also the long dreamed-of national Championship.

2. The 50-meter butterfly is just one of the events in a modern swimming meet.

3. Phelps would swim in either the heats or the final (but not both) of the three relay events.

4. For Phelps, the U.S. trials were about more than making the Olympic team. They were his own personal preliminaries in a heat-to-head with swimming history. Phelps has Mark Spitz’s 1972 Olympic record medal haul of seven golds in his sights.

5. Some 11 000 people filled the stands as the heats of the men’s 400 meter individual medley (смесен, миш-маш), the Games’ first swimming Event, hit the water.

6. The top three swimmers were within 0.5 seconds. It was an amazing Race.

7. The Chinese were banned from the major swimming Meet of the year – the Pan Pacific Championships in Atlanta.

8. Ignoring the horn blast of a passing automobile as he was stroking the ball. Ouimet finessed a sliding, downhill putt into the hole and forced a Play-off. The next day the scrawny (мършав, кокалест) young amateur out-steadied the two best professionals in the Game to win by five shots. Outmet’s victory was front-page news all over the country. He showed you didn’t have to be British or wealthy to win a major golf Tournament.

9. The new Candlestick Point Stadium will be expanded temporarily to 80 000 seats and converted to an Olympic venue for the opening and closing ceremonies, track and field Events and soccer finals.

10. Alonso made his F1 debut in 2001 and became the youngest driver to win an F1 Race, the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2003.

11. The 26-year-old Foreman – one of five sons of the former heavyweight world champ – showed he packs a powerful punch in flooring Weaver less than a minute into the Bout.

12. For the first time, an all female crew will be competing for a spot in the world’s most famous sailboat Race.

13. In a grueling (изтощителен) Round robin over the next three months, the women will compete separately against each other

14. In a regional tennis Tournament, many of the weaker teams have already been eliminated.

15. The atmosphere in the grandstands (трибуните) can often make or break an athletics Meet.

16. A win keeps the team in Contention. A loss would virtually eliminate them.

17. This program can readily deal with problems as they arise during practice and Competition.

12. Look up the meanings of run+postfix and complete the phrases with a suitable post-fix

Run across/into (попадам на, срещам случайно, натъквам се) - to find by chance, meet by accident

Run down (намалявам, изтощавам, спирам, изтощавам се) - to stop because of lack of force or power

Run for (кандидатствам, кандидатирам се) - campaign for a position

Run off (пиша бързо, рецитирам гладко, правя) - make photocopies

Run out of (изчерпвам) - to be used up, to exhaust the supply of

Run out on (изоставям) – abandon, to leave someone you are having a relationship with or something you are responsible for, without warning and usually causing problems:
„She ran out on him two months ago, leaving him to take care of their two children“.

Run over/through (преглеждам набързо, отскачам набързо, притичвам, препълнен съм) - explain quickly, revise briefly

Run down/over (сблъсквам се с, прегазвам, стигам) - hit with a vehicle; knock down

Run up against (вървя срещу) - encounter problems, often unexpected, to experience an unexpected difficulty:
“The plans for the new bridge ran up against strong local opposition.”

Run with (движа с) - keep company (usually bad), to stay in the company of someone or some group

To run for president; to run out of options; to run into serious difficulties; to run into trouble, to run up against brick wall; to run for Senate; time is running out, to run out of ideas; the statute of limitations has run out; to run out of fuel; to run up against opposition; to run up against challenges; to run up huge bills; to run through/over the preflight procedure; to run up exorbitant fees; to run up a debt.

13. Completing the sentences using a suitable post-fix

1. Then Jenny felt her heart ache as tears ran down the girl’s cheeks.

2. It is the same situation that we ran into yesterday, lots of patients waiting for care and hardly anyone to provide any care or any resources for them.

3. West of Seventh Avenue the cross streets run off at a southerly angle.

4. If Iraq is not willing to participate in a way that solves it peacefully, then time will run out on Iraq and Iraq will pay serious consequences.

5. It is one of the most baffling (неразрешим, променлив) things a police department can run up against at a crime scene investigation, an unidentified body with no clues as to who it is.

6. Alarms have come a long way since the time when their only trick was to bleat until help arrived or the battery ran down.

7. Professor Horotan’s only worry was that, at night, when he was coming home from the tavern, he would be run down by one of the trucks that hurtled through the village like monsters, emerging from around the bend of his house with no warning (предупреждение).

8. Miranda typed a translation and got the secretary to run off copies.

9. They work on behalf of primary candidates, shape local party platforms, or run for office themselves.

10. We ran through the witness’s testimony before presenting it in court.

11. The current year will run up the biggest deficit we’ve ever had.

12. You’d best not run with white trash like the Cateses, little girl. They’re trouble. And Hardy’s the worst of the lot.

13. The defense is about to run up against a potentially devastating (смайващ, ужасен, опустошителен) witness.

14. They could stand in front of a single painting in a museum for an hour and not run out of things to say

15. I needed some time to run over my speech before giving it.

16. We ran into each other in the street yesterday.

17. The woman with the cell phone leapt into the woods, only narrowly avoiding being run down.

18. He had been single-handedly raising Michael ever since Kelly had run off with a man ten years ago.

19. There is a display that shows when the gasoline engine is on, when the car is running on electric power and when the battery is recharging.

20. No politician wants to run for re-election on a platform of cutting teacher pay, kicking poor kids off health care rolls or letting felons (разбойници, углавни престъпници) out of prisons.

14. Idiomatic expressions 1

1. I think that from now onwards (нататък), the ball is in the court of the Nigerian government.

2. We’re going to get them to be smarter and better and more on the ball.

3. You just keep your eye on the ball, and it’s amazing what can happen.

4. And then he is threatening you that if you don’t play ball with him, he’s going to kill you.

5. Things are getting a little tough. The president has decided to play hardball on this issue.

6. I think a whole bunch of people may have dropped the ball on this one, too. It’s not just the security guard who is to blame.

7. It’s important to act now, to start the ball rolling.

8. It could be a start, but it would take a lot more than that to keep the ball rolling.

9. The strictures (порицание, ограничаване) of journalism are very difficult to live under. You have to be accurate, to be fair and to cover all the bases.    

10. But we really have to touch base with you on one or two important concept points before we meet them.

11. It’s an errand (пъръчка, поръчение), Barbara. She asked me to do an errand. That’s all. Whatever else you may be thinking about all this is completely off base.

12. Charm may get you to first base with a loan officer, but only your track record can seal the deal.

15. Idiomatic expressions 2

1. Officially beginning in the autumn of 2004, our program is off to a running start and will reach between 80 and 100 students within the next year.

2. The marathon is now in the homestretch (на финалната права).

3. So, I don’t think we have any reason to be in despair and we certainly shouldn’t throw in the towel and say we can’t pay the price.

4. The teacher doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to discipline.

5. Nowhere near being out for the count, warehouse clubs are lively competitors.

6. He was down and out but fought his way back from major adversity.

7. Having Greg in my corner is going to take me there. I’ll never let him down.           

8. Politicians are trying to score points with the voters by giving a tax cut.

16. Put the right words

Carl Foch regained (възвръщам си) his World Boxing Championship middleweight title as he dominated from start to finish to claim a unanimous (единодушен) points victory over Arthur Abraham in Helsinki.  

Neither man was a clear favourite entering the fight as they both looked to respond to their first professional defeats in their previous outings (излизания, разходки), but Froch executed his fight plan perfectly which was reflected in the scores given by the judges.

He landed a thunderous uppercut and a series of body shots as he mixed up his punches although the Armenian-born fighter landed a flush right hand at the end of the second round.

Froch continued to dominate, keeping out of range, and although Abraham managed to unleash (отприщвам, развързвам) a cluster (куп) of shots it was the Briton who commanded the ring, pinning (притискайки) his opponent to the ropes with a series of shots to the head and body.

The 33-years-old was frightening Abraham who could not predict where Froch’s next attack was coming from.  

Froch landed a right around his opponent’s guard as both fighters exchanged a flurry (суматоха, вълнение) of blows, Abraham responding with his own after a wild right from Froch.

Froch sensed blood when Abraham slipped but the referee intervened.

It was merely a delay to more punishment though and in the seventh Froch had Abraham pinned into the corner with a combination of ferocious (свиреп, жесток) shots to the head and body.

He also produced a venomous (отровен, злобен) jab (внезапен удар, пробождане) which snapped Abraham’s head back and an uppercut around the guard as Froch won yet another round.
Abraham appeared dispirited (обезсърчен) and Froch’s jab was stopping any forward momentum (импулс). Still Froch appeared to have Abraham in real trouble.

Entering the final round, only a knockout could save Abraham and he did unleash a couple of thunderous (оглушителен, унищожителен) rights which clearly rocked Froch and the unthinkable did not seem quite so impossible.

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