Old Folks Christmas

Other university freshmen who had lived here had returned on the twenty-first, the day when the vacation was supposed to begin.

Ted had telegraphed that he would be three days late owing to a special examination which, if he passed it, would lighten the terrific burden of the next term. He had arrived home looking so pale, heavy-eyed and shaky that his mother doubted the wisdom of the concentrated mental effort, while his father secretly hoped the stuff had been non-poisonous and would not have lasting effects. Caroline, too, had been behind schedule, explaining that her laundry had gone astray and she had not dared trust others to trace it for her.

Grace and Tom had attempted, with fair success, to conceal their disappointment over this delayed home –coming, and had continued with their preparations for a Christmas that would thrill their children and consequently themselves. They had bought an imposing lot of presents, costing twice or three times as much as had been Tom’s father’s annual income when Tom was Ted’s age, or Tom’s own income a year ago, before General Motors’ acceptance of his new weather-proof pain had enabled him to buy this suburban home and luxuries such as his own parents and Grace’s had never dreamt of, and to give Ted and Caroline advantages that he and Grace had perforce gone without.

by Ring Lardner  


1. Grace and Tom were disappointed because
A. Ted had failed his exam.
B. they hadn’t heard from their children.
C. Caroline’s laundry had been stolen.
D. Ted and Caroline arrived home later than expected.

2. What was Ted’s condition when he came home?
A. He was a bit tired but happy with his studies.
B. He felt relieved because the next term was going to be easier for him.
C. He looked as if he had taken drugs.
D. He had doubts about his own mental abilities.

3. What does the passage say about Tom’s financial state?
A. He spent all his savings on Chrismas presents.
B. He didn’t earn half as much as his father did.
C. He had just enough money to secure an exciting Christmas for his family.
D. He was a man of substantial means.

4. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE?
A. Ted and Caroline were eager to get back home as soon as possible.
B. Tom was more observant and suspicious than his wife.
C. Tom made an invention which brought his company high profit.
D. Grace’s parents were not particularly well- off.

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