Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry lay flat on his back, breathing hard as though he had been running. He had awoken from a vivid dream with his hands pressed over his face. The old scar on his forehead, which was shaped like a bolt of lightning, was burning beneath his fingers as though someone had just pressed a white-hot wire to his skin.

He sat up, one hand still on his scar, the other reaching out in the darkness for his glasses, which were on the beside table. He put them on and his bedroom came into clearer focus, lit by a faint, misty orange light that was filtering through the curtains from the street lamp outside the window.

Harry ran his fingers over the scar again. It was still painful. He turned on the lamp beside him, scrambled out of bed, crossed the room, opened his wardrobe and peered into the mirror on the inside of the door. A skinny boy of fourteen looked back at him, his bright green eyes puzzled under his untidy black hair. He examined the lightning-bolt scar of his reflection more closely. It looked normal, but it was still stinging.

Harry tried to recall what he had been dreaming about before he had awoken. It had seemed so real…there had been two people he knew, and one he didn’t… he concentrated hard frowning, trying to remember.

The dim picture of a darkened room came to him… there had been a snake on a hearthrug…a small man called Peter, nicknamed Wormtail…and a cold, high voice… the voice of Lord Voldemort. Harry felt as if an ice cube had slipped down into his stomach at very thought…

He closed his eyes tightly and tried to remember what Voldemort had looked like, but it was impossible…all Harry knew was that at the moment when Voldemort’s chair had swung around, and he, Harry, had seen what was sitting in it, he had felt a spasm of horror which had awoken him…or had that been the pain in his scar?


1. Harry was breathing hard because
A. he’d been running for hours.
B. someone had pressed a white-hot wire to his skin.
C. he’d had a terrible nightmare from which he hadn’t recovered fully.
D. he’d been badly scarred by a bolt of lightning.

2. Harry opened his wardrobe so that he could
A. take a look at the boy inside it.
B. clean the mirror on the inside of the door.
C. examine his scar with the help of the mirror on the inside of the door.
D. get dressed and leave the room.

3. Harry
A. walked into a dark room with a snake in it.
B. concentrated hard, trying to remember his dream.
C. met two people he’d seen before
D. gave Peter the nickname of Wormtail.

4. In Harry’s dream, Lord Voldemort
A. slipped an ice cube into his stomach
B. spoke in a cold, high voice.
C. felt a spasm of horror.
D. hit him very hard and made his scar sting.

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