Changing Places

Philip was more impatient to inspect his place of work. On his very first morning he strolled out after a delicious breakfast of orange juice, bacon, hot cakes and maple syrup (how delightful it was to recover such forgotten sensations) to look for Dealer Hall, the location of the English Department. It was raining, as it had been the previous day.

This had been a disappointment to Philip initially – in his memory Euphoria was bathed in perpetual sunlight, and he had forgotten – perhaps he had never known – that it had a rainy season in the winter months. It was, however, a fine, soft rain, and the air was warm and balmy. The grass was green, the trees and shrubs were in full leaf and, in some cases, flower and fruit. There was no real winter in Euphoria – autumn joined hands with spring and summer, and together they danced a three-banded jig all year long, to the merry confusion of the vegetable world. Philip felt his pulse beating to its exhilarating rhythm. 

He had no difficulty in finding his way to Dealer Hall, a large square building in the neoclassical style. He was prevented from entering it, however, by a ring of campus policemen. Quite a lot of students and staff were milling about, and a long –haired youth informed Philip that the building was being checked out for a bomb allegedly planted during the night. The search, he understood, might take several hours; but as he was turning away it ended quite suddenly with a muffled explosion high up in the building and a tinkle of shattered glass.

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