Advances in communication have led to a loss of personal privacy

The advancement of communication technology in the late 20 - th century has transformed our world in a revolutionary way. In particular, the ubiquity of the internet has made our world smaller. Only a century ago, it would take an ordinary citizen several weeks to relay a message to another person across the world. In contrast, one could reach any person and complete a financial transaction in real time with the stroke of a keyboard.

Indeed, life has becoming easier in certain aspects due to the advancements of technology. However, as with all aspects in this world, there are downsides with every upside. One of the downsides involves the loss of personal privacy. The fact that more and more transactions and tasks of daily life have been completed over the Internet has led to loss of privacy. Some bad apples used their technology savvy to take advantage of the availability of personal information and steal from people. They have stolen identities to take over pin numbers, bank accounts and other people’s belongings.

Companies have also used personal information available to target ads forward internet users and increase possibilities of gaining new customers. These companies are not as pernicious as the identity thieves. However, their actions may be cause for concern to some internet surfers. Furthermore, there is the idea (or perhaps fact) that once something is placed in a search engine like Google, it can never be completely erased. If this is true the Internet could serve as a sort of magnified “paper trail”. While this implication could lead to more successful crime solving, it could also result in permanently damaged reputations and no second chances for certain people.

The internet has, indeed, transformed our society in an unprecedented way. It was caused our world, in a sense, to shrink and open new avenues for the exchange of ideas. People, unlike in the near past, can contact each other with much ease and organize finances without leaving their home. 

However, the availability of personal information online has also led to a compromise at one’s privacy. People may unknowingly release private information that could be used in a pernicious manner. The advancement of communication technology has undoubtedly made life easier in certain aspects. In other side, computer experts and privacy advocates should be fervently supported in order to help maintain the integrity of our privacy online.

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